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Welcome to Easy Home Meals

Spring has sprung! Now that the seasons are changing, it is the perfect time to refresh your everyday routine, this doesn’t only have to be your wardrobe but add new recipes and fresh flavors in the kitchen! No matter the style there is something for everyone, nearly half of consumers consider themselves a “foodie,” who enjoys preparing dishes that stem from a variety of ethnic-cuisines.  Step up your cooking repertoire and start discovering new, seasonal flavors (and don't forget you'll always find inspiraton in the frozen food and dairy aisles!) 
Easter Entertaining: Make a spring brunch menu with fresh, simple ingredients for relaxed Sunday afternoons or spring holiday entertaining. Cut down the morning prep with back-up shortcuts in the freezer.
Give Back to Mother Earth: Earth Day is on April 22! Usher in the new season and pack an earth friendly lunch for the day. 26% of respondents admitting to being a “repeat offender” and preparing the same dishes day after day. 
Crazy About Cheese: This past year cheese sales rose to over 16 billion dollars in the United States, wow that’s a lot of cheese, and consumers are craving all varieties!
Sp-egg-tacular Delicious: Kick-start your day with breakfast! Research done by Kellogg’s reveals that the breakfast habits of Americans are more like breakfast barriers with 54 percent stating that they would like to eat breakfast every day. 
Kitchen Etiquette Refresher: Before you begin cooking, make sure you have a grasp on all the proper tips for cooking in a safe kitchen.  After a cooking and kitchen safety lesson with the kids, head to an outdoor picnic!
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