Pie Crust Nachos recipe

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Pie Crust Nachos recipe


These Pie Crust Nachos from Cutefetti are such a simple yet scrumptious dessert!


  • 3/4 c. of thawed Best Yet Berry Medley
  • 1 c. of thawed Best Yet Whipped Topping
  • Best Yet Deep Dish Pie Crusts
  • Berry Medley frozen berries
  • Chocolate Drizzle


Take your Best Yet Deep Dish Pie Crusts out of the freezer and let them defrost for 10-20 minutes. Preheat your oven to 400° Use a dab of water on your finger to seal up any separation in the crust. Then remove the crust from the foil pans. Carefully use a butter knife to separate the circle portion from the rest of the crust. Use the butter knife to gently coax the entire crust out and onto a cutting board. Start by cutting triangular “nacho chip” shapes out of the crusted strip. Then, trim the rounded portion of the crust into equal sized strips. Then, trim triangular shapes from each strip. Repeat this process for both pie crusts. For an extra pop of flavor, sprinkle a little cinnamon and sugar on top of the pie chips. Place them on a non-stick baking sheet and put them into the oven for a total of 9-10 mins., flipping them over after 5 mins.
While the chips are baking, let’s whip up a quick dip. In a small bowl, add 3/4 c. of thawed Best Yet Berry Medley and mash lightly and then add 1 c. of thawed Best Yet Whipped Topping. Fold the mixture until it’s combined. That’s all, now it’s ready to serve. Keep cool until you’re ready to enjoy.


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