Cuban-Inspired Pressed Cheese Sandwich

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Cuban-Inspired Pressed Cheese Sandwich


This sandwich is inspired by the flavors in a traditional Cuban sandwich but is easy enough to make any day of the week.

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1 (1-lb.) loaf French bread, ends trimmed, cut into 4 (5-inch) sections

4 Tbsp. whole grain mustard

8 (3/4-oz.) slices Land O Lakes® Deli American Cheese

8 oz. sliced deli ham

8 pickle planks

3 Tbsp. Land O Lakes® Butter, melted


Heat panini press. Cut each bread section horizontally, leaving 1 side attached.

To assemble each sandwich, open cut bread; spread bottom with 1 tablespoon mustard. Top with 1 cheese slice, 1/4 ham slices, 2 pickle planks and 1 cheese slice. Press top of cut bread down over filling. Brush outside of bread with about 2 teaspoons butter.

Place 2 sandwiches into press. Close press; cook until golden brown and cheese is melted (6 to 8 minutes). Repeat with remaining sandwiches.

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