Tip Tuesday


Store ice cream in the main part of the freezer, not on the door, where it is subject to more fluctuating temperatures.





Cure brain freeze by pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth or drink a glass of warm water to thaw out your mouth and throat.





Give your mornings a boost—simply mix cottage cheese into smoothies, pancake batter, scrambled eggs or oatmeal for added protein power!





Add your favorite flavor of liquid coffee creamer to basic white icings and frostings for extra pizzazz.








Cheese is best stored in the fridge as close to the bottom of the appliance as possible—ideally in the veggie compartment.





You can make easy homemade doughnuts using refrigerated biscuit dough. Just don't forget the frosting and sprinkles!






The best way to cook frozen shrimp on the grill is on a skewer horseshoe-style--skewer at the head and the tail so that it curves around in a U-shape and cook about 3 minutes, turning over once halfway through.





Get the perfect cheeseburger by throwing on a slice of your favorite cheese 1-2 minutes before the meat is done and closing the lid on the grill.








Kabobs aren't just for the grill, make your own with your favorite fruits, cheeses, veggies, etc.!







Store your eggs in the main body of the refrigerator, not on the fridge door, to ensure that they keep a consistent and cool temperature.







Whether steamed, stir-fried or boiled, frozen vegetables should be cooked just tender-crisp.







Try to schedule your fridge and freezer cleaning for a colder spring day to reduce the chances of your food melting or spoiling while the units are being cleaned.








To tell if your eggs are hard-boiled long enough try spinning them. If they spin easily, they're cooked. If they wobble, they're still raw!







Want a lighter, fluffier omelet? For every 2 eggs your crack, add 2 Tablespoons of milk!






When stocking your freezer, put a purchase date on all frozen food products then rotate foods, putting newly purchased items in the back of the freezer.




Add a punch of protein to you diet by grabbing your favorite flavor of Greek yogurt and mixing in granola, frozen berries or chocolate chips.





Wine and cheese go hand-in-hand--celebrate Drink Wine Day with these wine and cheese pairings from Sargento Cheese!







Keep healthy versions of your favorite indulgent treat readily available, like chocolate almond milk, to help satisfy a sweet tooth for any late-night cravings.



Frozen fish are flash frozen within hours after getting caught (many while still on the boat)—locking in nutrition, texture, moisture and flavor.




Hosting a Big Game bash on Sunday? Stock your freezer with your favorite game-day snacks—just heat and serve!




Get more out of your staple ingredients by using them in new ways (like Greek yogurt in your wing dip!)—the creative possibilities are endless!




Get your kiddos in the kitchen—not only is the time together a benefit, but they're also more likely to eat and engage in healthy meal routines if they're involved in meal-time prep!




Whether eaten plain, blended in a smoothie or mixed in a yogurt parfait, frozen fruit makes it easy to follow MyPlate's recommendation of consuming 1-2 cups of fruit every day!




Ring in the New Year with a bang—don't forget shrimp cocktail for your celebrations!





Stock up on your favorite frozen vegetables, they work great as last-minute holiday side-dishes!




Paint a masterpiece on your sugar cookies by making edible food piant by mixing a few drops of food coloring with an egg yolk—the "paint" will dry while baking and give the cookies a colorful, glazed appearance.




Before serving cheese at aparty, take it out of the fridge before the guests arrive—cheese has its fullest flavor at room temperature!




Holiday parties are all about deviled eggs—for a lighter touch, substitute Greek yogurt for mayonnaise!




Don't starve yourself before the big feast—you'll end up indulging and overeating a little too much!





Substitute nutritional/low-fat/low-calorie ingredients for unhealthy ones when you can—your guests will thank you for it!




At your holiday gathering, make refrigerated or frozen biscuits/rolls to save time, but still have that same great holiday taste!




Having a kitchen measurements cheatsheet on hand can be a life-saver—epsecially when baking and cooking during the busy holidays!


Jazz up ready-to-bake cookie dough with your favorite candy pieces for extra festive cookies during the holidays without all the prep!




Chill cheese for 15-20 minutes for easy grating and shredding, it'll make the job much easier!




Have your children play simple math games as you cook—while helping you measure, your kiddos can practice counting, weighing, measuring and working with fractions!



The freezer aisle has a variety of vegetarian options that taste delicious and can be enjoyed in minutes—just heat and serve!




Children that share family meals together are more likely to maintain a healthy weight!




Combine snacks from at least two food groups to pack more nutrients into your child's diet—it will be more filling and will tide them over until their next meal!



Craving a pumpkin spice latte or caramel macchiato? Skip the fancy coffee shop—add your favorite liquid coffee creamer flavor to your cup of Joe for that same café inspiration!





Serve food on individual plates instead of putting the bowls on the table to maintain portion control.




Sweet your waffles, pancakes and French toast with honey instead of syrup for a lighter touch!






Sneak frozen veggies into your creamy mac & cheese to make it more nutritonal for your loved ones!