Creative Ways to Use Liquid Coffee Creamers

Ideas for using non-dairy liquid creamer in baking:

  • Use unflavored or flavored liquid coffee creamer in place of milk in your pancakes, waffles and/or French toast recipes for an extra flavorful breakfast.
  • Add flavored creamers to basic white icings and frostings.
  • Use flavored creamers in cakes, muffins, cupcakes, etc. for a hint of fun flavors.

Ideas for using non-dairy liquid creamer in cooking:

  • Unflavored creamer can act as a milk substitute for cream-based sauces, gravies and soups. 
  • Unflavored creamer can also be used in place of milk in mashed potato recipes, while vanilla or hazelnut flavors would work well in sweet potato soufflés.
Other uses:
  • Use flavored creamers to add a touch of flavor and sweetness to plain yogurt. 
  • Use unflavored or flavored creamers on top of hot cereal for extra pizazz.