30 Ways in 30 Days - Holiday Helpers

Stress-Free Holiday, 30 Ways in 30 Days: Holidays are historically one of the most stressful times of the year - from gift buying to cooking, more than half of  Millennials and Baby Boomers are feeling the pressure around the holiday season.
But there’s no need to fret - we’re here to arm you with 30 different ways to help relieve worries about the holidays throughout the month of November.
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  • It's National Deviled Egg Day -  Celebrate with this delicious, go-to appetizer dish - perfect to bring to any party this holiday season!  (recipe: Delectable Deviled Eggs - Daisy Brand)
  • Turn your clocks back today for Daylights Savings! You get one more hour in the day - use it to make mealtime delicious or try new recipes for the holiday menu. (recipe: Herb-Baked Salmon on Asparagus)
  • Find some stress-free, simple tips from Buitoni on making the perfect plate this holiday season.
  • Try making soup - it's sure to please any party and is just as tasty as a leftover dish! - (recipe:  Baked Potato Soup with Cheesy Bacon Muffins  - Bays English Muffins)
  • Mix it up before holiday meals take over the kitchen … Celebrate National Nacho Day! (recipe: Grilled Blue Corn Nachos - Ingredients, Inc.)
  • Let the man in your life take over the kitchen—it's National Men Make Dinner Day! Have him make dinner while you get a head start on holiday shopping! (recipe: Chicken Pasta Parmigiana)
  • Start your day off right with a homemade hot cappuccino - it'll save you money right before the holidays and is perfect for National Walk to Work Day! (recipe: Caramel Macchiato Cappucchino - Nestle Coffee-Mate)
  • Make your holiday meal planning stress-free! Use frozen green beans when making this perfect side dish! (recipe: Green Bean Casserole - Pillsbury)
  • Take a break from holiday meal planning and instead please your sweet tooth on National Vanilla Cupcake Day using Greek yogurt for a unique spin! (recipe: Chobani Cupcakes - Chobani)
  • Keep the treats easy as holiday season is coming up quick. Venture down the frozen foods aisle to find a variety of decadent ice creams and novelties to celebrate National Sundae Day! (recipe: Brownie Bowl Sundae - Mr. Food Test Kitchen)
  • When in a time crunch, what’s better than having a pizza for dinner? Skip delivery and ustomize it to have your favorite toppings, especially since it’s National Pizza with Everything Day! (recipe: Veggie Pizza)
  • Add your own flair to a bakeshop quality frozen pie to make it your own. It's a delicious twist on a Thanksgiving staple! (recipe: Pumpkin Pie with Special Caramel Sauce)
  • Take the time to clean out your fridge today - you’ll be surprised at all the useful ingredients you’ll find! For a quick and easy dessert using multiple frozen and dairy aisle ingredients, try culinary expert, Chef Aida Mollenkamp's Spiced Apple-Cranberry Biscuit Pie!
  • One quarter of women & Millennials lie about food they serve. There’s no need to fib with this dish! With frozen meatballs and veggies, this dish tastes delicious and is quick & easy to make!With frozen meatballs and veggies, it tastes delicious and is quick & easy to make! (recipe: Spaghetti Pie - Estela Schnelle, Weekly Bite) 
  • Don’t overload yourself by trying to bake everything from scratch. Save time by purchasing frozen, bake-shop quality desserts and add your own flair - like topping with whipped cream or frozen berries. (recipe: Mini Phyllo Pecan Tarts - Athens Foods)
  • Dress to impress your dishes this holiday season! An elegant, creative spin on the traditional pizza with a prep time under 30 minutes. (recipe: Antipasti Pizzette - Chef Aida Mollenkamp)
  • Holiday accompaniments are just as important as the main dish in big meals, frozen foods will help make it easier (recipe: Asparagus Green Bean Casserole - Angie, Eclectic Recipes)
  • Easy turkey tips to help you have a delicious feast this year - including roasting, carving and the leftovers! 
  • Only 1 week ‘til Thanksgiving - plenty of side dishes, desserts, appetizers and breads can be purchased ahead of time in the frozen food aisle. Use frozen shortcuts to create scrumptious hor d’oeuvres (recipe: Wrapped Brie - Pepperidge Farm)
  • Stressing over holiday dishes? You’re not alone. Millennials and Baby Boomers are also stressin’ about their holiday creations. However, we've got solutions (recipe: Candied Sweet Potatoes - Simply Potatoes)
  • Need a tasty holiday dessert or something special for a hostess goodie bag? Coffee creamer is a great creative ingredient in scrumptious desserts (recipe: Easy Salted Caramel Fudge - Eclectic Recipes)
  • At your holiday gathering, make refrigerated or frozen biscuits/rolls to save time, but still have that same great homemade taste! Or try a fun twist on your fave dinner rolls (recipe: Cheesy Garlic Crescent Rolls)
  • Make sure you stock up on frozen veggies just in case you are in a stitch - perfect for any last minute holiday dish. (recipe: Lemon Basil Vegetables - Birds Eye Vegetables)
  • Looking for an appetizer to please all of your guests? What can be better than wine and cheese? Find the best cheese and beverage pairing tips from Sargento!
  • Prepare tonight to have french toast on Thanksgiving morning (recipe: Overnight Banana Streusel French Toast - AllWhites Egg Whites)
  • Leftovers galore and no urge to cook? Use the leftovers for a quick meal (recipe: Hometown Ham & Turkey Focaccia Sandwich  - Land O' Lakes)
  • Participating in a holiday cookie exchange or looking for new cookies for kids? check out the Daily Meal's Fun Holiday Cookie Recipes!
  • Super cut, delicious and easy to make desserts will wow holiday guests (recipe: Mini Pumpkin Pies)
  • Easy culinary inspiration is found in the dairy aisle, even for quick dinners (recipe: Stuffed Shells - Chobani)
  • Holiday party season has started! Take ideas from the dairy and frozen aisles for inspiration on easy appetizers (recipe: Caprese Meatballs - Eclectic Recipes)
  • Great cookie recipes are available for all holidays (recipe: Hanukkah Cut-Out Cookies - Land O' Lakes)
  • Here's a fun twist on a crowd-pleasing appetizer (recipe: Classic Bruschetta Grillers - Ore-Ida)
  • How about an entree item and side dish in one delicious package for easy holiday dinner ideas (recipe: Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Baked Potatoes - Tyson)
  • Desserts are easy and tasty with ingredients sometimes found in coffee (recipe: Blissful Sweet Cream Chocolate Truffles - Nestle Coffee-Mate)
  • The holidays are all about desserts, make it easy using store-bought cakes and pies (recipe: Cheesecake Lollipops - Weight Watchers Cheese)
  • More dessert items can be found both in your fridge and freezer (recipe: Candy Caramel Pear Dessert - Bays English Muffins)
  • Frozen puff pastry is an asset to any chef, its easy way to make delecate sweets (recipe:  Mini Strawberry Napoleons - Pepperidge Farm)
  • Scoop some ice cream on top of any dessert for added creaminess (recipe: Apple Cheddar Crisp - Sargento)
  • Fun, pretty cupcakes are popular on National Cupcake Day!
  • Chase away the cold weather with a hot drink (recipe: Holiday Au Lait - Coffee-Mate)
  • So many flavors to put into a hot beverage, almond is a nice touch, especially with almond milk (recipe: Almond Hot Toddy - Almond Breeze)
  • Dress up your holiday eggnog with delicious coffee creamers (recipe: French Vanilla Eggnog - Bailey's Coffee Creamers)
  • Add a little spice to your hot beverage to chase away the cold (recipe: Mayan Hot Chocolate - Horizon Organic)
  • With the cool taste of peppermint, you can make any hot beverage extraordinary (recipe: Classic Peppermint Mocha - International Delight)
  • Branch out and make your own eggnog for a special holiday drink (recipe: Holiday Eggnog)