Frozen Food & Heart Health Tips - Healthy Eating

February marks Heart Health Awareness month; a month to remind us how important our heart health really is. Heart disease is the No. one cause of death in the U.S. and the biggest challenge is educating Americans on how to maintain a heart healthy lifestyle. Below are a few tips from NFRA and the American Heart Association to help boost your heart health without sacrificing flavor or your budget.  

Healthy Eating
Some of America’s favorite, most versatile foods are found in the frozen food aisle, with benefits ranging from flavorful and convenient to expertly-seasoned and professionally-portioned.
Include variety in your menu to achieve a healthy, well-balanced diet. A wide range of fruits, vegetables, breads, potato products, seafood, meats, snacks and desserts are available in the freezer aisle.
Fruits and vegetables can be great for your heart health as they help control weight and blood pressure – two risk factors for heart disease if they get too high. Frozen fruits and vegetables are convenient, a good value, taste delicious and always in season
You can snack healthy and enjoy it! Choose nutrient-rich foods that can be found in the freezer aisle. Frozen blackberries and frozen strawberries are just two examples of delicious snacks that leave you full and satisfied.
Adding fish to your diet is a great way to eat heart smart. Just two weekly servings of fatty fish, like salmon, can lower cholesterol by 20 percent.
You can still have dessert even if you’re trying to lower calories. Try a frozen fruit bar or one of the many low-calorie, low-sugar novelties. They’re scrumptious and won’t ruin your diet!