30th March National Frozen Food Month

It’s the 30th annual National March Frozen Food Month! Now more than ever is the time to think about the freezer aisle in a fresh way.

Frozen foods start out the same as their fresh counterparts, coming from the earth and sea. 

People want real, simple, nutritious, delicious, affordable and customizable meals and snacks and all of these wants can be met in the freezer aisle.

Frozen foods include healthy produce, perfectly-portioned meals, a variety of ethnic cuisines and dishes to meet strict dietary needs.


- The freezer aisle comprises 3,700+ different, delicious foods ranging from nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables to decadent ice creams and novelties.

- Captured at the height of ripeness.

- Prepared and seasoned by expert chefs.

- Designed to meet a wide variety of tastes and menu needs.

- Convenient and no waste (i.e., perfect portions).

- There are a variety of different cuisines represented in the freezer aisle, including options that over snack-time, breakfast, lunch, dinner, entertaining and specialty food occasions.

- Asian and Hispanic cuisine is increasingly popular across the country, and you can find a wide variety of these flavors in the freezer aisle.

- Frozen foods offer great value, from perfectly-portioned meals to ingredients and produce that leave nothign to waste.

- Freezing is the best mothod for preserving food.

- It's been a natural, trusted practice for centuries.

- Preserve foods at the peak of freshness, from the moment they're harvested or procured.