Ice Cream & Novelties

There's no better time than June and July to cool off with a frozen treat!

June and July mark the industry’s annual Summer Favorites Ice Cream & Novelties promotion. It's a great time to see and taste what’s new in the “Cool” aisles of your local store, where you will find special promotions and prices on your favorite summer treats all throughout June and July.




Thank you to our 2017 Summer Favorites Ice Cream & Novelties sponsoring brands:

  • Lindy's Homemade [Image]
  • Kemps® Ice Cream [Image]
  • IttiBitz [Image]
  • Blue Bunny® [Image]
  • The Original Bomb Pop® [Image]
  • FatBoy Ice Cream [Image]
  • Ben and Jerry's [Image]
  • KlondikeBar® Ice Creeam [Image]
  • Breyers® Ice Cream [Image]
  • Graeter's® [Image]
  • Kemps® Frozen Yogurt Shop [Image]
  • Wells® [Image]
  • Blue Bunny® Blue Ribbon Classics [Image]
  • Kemps® yo2 Frozen Yogurt [Image]
  • Mars SNICKERS® Ice Cream [Image]
  • Mars DOVE® Ice Cream [Image]
  • Mars TWIX® Ice Cream [Image]
  • Mars M&Ms® Ice Cream [Image]