Cool Food Panel

We're excited to introduce our 2015 Cool Food Panel—a mix of food experts and bloggers here to share recipes, stories, videos and tips throughout the year!

Meet the Panel:

Katie Workman of The Mom 100

Katie Workman is the author of The Mom 100 Cookbook and the creator of blog. She is also founding Editor in Chief of Be sure to follow Katie on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube!

From her latest post:

"In case you didn't know, March is National Frozen Food Month! Once you get into the rhythm of maintaining a well stocked freezer, there is no holding you back. That sinking feeling you have when you are heading home and realize you didn't get your dinner plan in shape--no worries at all!" Click here to read the full post



Chef Billy Parisi of Billy Parisi

Chef Billy Parisi of "Billy Parisi" is a 32-year old dad and chef, Billy is one of the true culinary media entrepreneurs branching out his brand across the digital and social landscape since 2007. Be sure to follow Billy on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube

From his latest post:
"With it being March Frozen Food Month, it’s a great time to try something new from the frozen food department. My daughter loves eggs and loves waffles, so why not combine’em both and save a little more time and energy throughout the long mornings with the help of my friends over at Eggo®!" Click here to read the full post
Silvia Martinez of Mama Latina Tips
Silvia Martinez is proud to be one of the few bilingual mom bloggers in the U.S. She founded in April 2009 and she is partner and editor-in-chief of DisneylandiaAlDia.comBe sure to follow Silvia on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube!

From her latest post:
"It's always a good idea to have a variety of fun, healthy snacks that you can have ready in almost no time at all for days like these. That's that I have: a delicious idea, full of flavorful combinations I put together from my freezer and pantry that I know you will like." 
Click here to read the full post
Tracie Stoll of Cleverly Inspired

Tracie Stoll is a wife and mom who inspires readers to be clever every day. She loves to not only shares recipes, but also lifestyle tips, food hacks and DIY ideas. Be sure to follow Tracie on FacebookTwitter
Pinterest and YouTube!

From her latest post:

"I wanted to put my own spin on this traditional recipe that might make it a little bit easier to make on a weeknight. I always make use of those handy products from the frozen food and refrigerated dairy sections to make this meal come together quickly. And, since March just so happens to be National Frozen Food Month, it's the perfect time to stock my freezer!"

                                             Click here to read the full post


Gaby Dalkin of What's Gaby Cooking


Gaby Dalkin of "What's Gaby Cooking" is a Millennial blogger who writes mostly about healthy but sometimes decadent recipes from her everyday life. Be sure to follow Gaby on FacebookTwitter,  Pinterest and YouTube!

From her latest post:
"Recently my freezer and I have been having a moment which works out perfectly as it's officially Frozen Food Month and I'm kicking off my second year working with NFRA! I don't know if it's like this for you guys, but my Januarys are always cool, calm and collected and then come February and March I feel like I'm living in the middle of a tornado." Click here to read the full post



Angie McGowan of Eclectic Recipes

Angie is an experienced food photographer and food writer with many recipes featured on Babble’s Family Kitchen. Follow Angie on Eclectic RecipesFacebookTwitter or Pinterest

From her latest post:

"Did you know that March is the 32nd annual National March Frozen Food Month? It's a month to celebrate all the delicious possibilities that your freezer has to offer, while taking a fresh look at frozen! There's more to the freezer aisle than just ice cream and frozen pizzas!" Click here to read the full post